Gönderen Konu: How much email delivery can you expect for shared hosting?  (Okunma sayısı 14 defa)


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How much email delivery can you expect for shared hosting?
« : Temmuz 05, 2020, 11:11:08 ÖÖ »
I'm a novice here. Thank you all for all extremely helpful information. It is sad that you cannot find honest information about choosing and working with a hosting provider almost anywhere else.

I am testing several hosting providers that I found on this page.

I would like to be able to use the services of my email hosting provider, but I want to minimize the risk of spamming my email messages.

My question is: how much email delivery can you expect from shared hosting? Several places have problems verifying the server through rDNS and smtp banners. It doesn't even support DKIM, which seems necessary nowadays. Several places use email channels, which seems to help, but contrary to what I said through their support, it is not a complete replacement for DKIM.

I'm having problems emailing the spam folders in my Gmail, Yahoo and Zoho accounts. I receive complaints regarding server configuration and validation from test sites such as mail-tester.com (who was recommended by one of my email providers, protonmail.com), anal.email, mxtoolbox.com (recommended by one hosting) company) and isnotspam.com.

This isn't really an email, but mxtoolbox.com pointed out that it wasn't great to have both name servers on the same subnet (or whatever they call).

This adds the cost of using zoho.com or protonmail.com to your email, but maybe it's inevitable? Maybe I am asking too many hosting providers?

I did not provide the names of the hosting providers because I do not intend to discredit them at all, if this is my PEBKAC error. (If someone from one of the hosting companies reads this, I assure you that I try several, so maybe I'm not talking about your services in particular).

To explain my background: A few years ago I was involved in computer science, but the Internet and hosting were not something that I focused on. I dealt with database management, and later architecture and database development. I am currently dealing with this as a hobby. However, I like word games and word games, so I bought far too many domain names, which prompted me to set up simple websites and set up email for most of them. I will not generate heavy traffic and will not send more than a few personal emails.