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What is Php Hosting
« : Mayıs 19, 2020, 05:47:16 ÖS »
What is Php Hosting? Php (linux hosting) hosting is the same. Why are the names different? php hosting is better than asp hosting is more useful
the advantage of hosting is SEO.

What is php?
First of all, I think it makes more sense to start with the issue of php hosting because a person interested in the subject of php hosting has taken the first steps in the subject assuming that I want to continue this topic.
Those who find this topic simple can look at other topics.

As the name of the PHP hosting suggests, the easiest way is to think like a decoder that translates files created in php into a language that people understand.

In other words, hosting is a language translator, but of course it may be the right approach to describe it as a storage space.
But the most important feature of hosting is the ability to translate.

I mean, there are programs that translate English into Turkish or other languages ​​into other languages, just like these hosting conceptuda is a translator (sender) ..
The radio receives radio waves and converts them into sound. Retrieves the code from hosting and converts it into image, sound or text.
Some codes specify color, while some codes specify line spacing, line height, or character size.

If it is written in PHP encoding and converts it to an object, if you recognize these codes (Linux hosting, PHP hosting). Asp Hosting (Windows Hosting) cannot succeed in this task and you will come across various error codes when you enter the site. What is Php Hosting

So before you start hosting, you need to make sure which language is written (php, asp or asp.net), you must first decide whether to configure the site's infrastructure. Otherwise you will have to ask to change the type of Hosting from the purchased company. Hosting companies are very smart about it (do not make difficulties)

The name Php is called a bridge word processor.
In fact, this process started at first with asp technology. In other words, the asp software language after the HTML internet satfaslarından provided a great change and convenience for internet sites.
HTML pages were a heavy workload for websites. With the help of the asp software language, it was easy to change a single section by dividing the entire page into several sections.
So imagine a lot of sections, like the menu category section, from the bottom footer section to the right block to the center section of Showcase and the left block to the right, think of a web page. Here is the HTML encoding time, that is, the ASP and PHP languages ​​have not yet been developed, while all of these sections were changed from a single page.
However, asp technology has changed this situation and divides the page into several sections.

When you change a single section, the search engine accepts that your entire site has changed, and in this case, allows your site to go up in the search engine.

Although the asp software language provides this facility, the access database has become inadequate with the increasing number of users and the load of data.
In other words, all the text on the html pages could be stored on smaller hosts in the access database, which is a much smaller footprint. However, with the increase in Internet use, the situation changed and the access database was unable to handle this burden.
As a solution to this situation, programmers developed databases like MySQL mssql.
These databases forced the transition to the php writing language.

Php compliant databases like msql had the potential to transport dozens of times faster and higher capacities than compliant database access, i.e. asp software language.

Therefore, in 2010, websites started using PHP substructure and php encoded scripts and achieved great success (efficiency). Of course, this led to the birth of the Linux hosting concept.

Experienced WordPress hosting right now (wp hosting) drupal hosting, open source hosting, like builds occurred.
Those who want to move their site one step further with the Wordpress infrastructure have moved their site to the WordPress infrastructure.
But wordpress is not a software language. The php software language is working, so anyone who wants to use php hosting (linux hosting). However, because there is too much CPU load, a special CPU quota is created and sold for WordPress.